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Auction every Tuesday at 5:00pm

    Klaas Auction   

A Family Tradition Since Grandpa Got Married!

2317 South Lincoln - Just South of the Railroad Tracks


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as a buyer:

*The Auction begins Every tuesday at 5 PM

*We are open weekdays to preview items for auction

*prior to the auction starting, register for a buyer’s number

*Follow the auctioneer as he sells

*Raise your hand if you want to bid

*If you have the winning bid, come to the window and pay

without paying a buyer’s premium!

  (checks-ok/ cash better!)

as a Seller

How It works

  1. *We begin taking consignments on Wed afternoon

  2. *upon your items being consigned, you will be assigned a number

  3. *We sell all your items on tuesday

  4. *Your money will be ready wednesday after 12:30

We accept absentee bids with a 10% premium

Auction Every Tuesday At  5:00 pm

By Elijah Klaas (Grandson)


Traeger BBQ smoker

18k 14k & 10k GF rings 

One Sterling ring

Now that’s a knife!

Steam Punk!

Telephone desk circa 1940

Don’t you think this 5  piece set would be great in Flamingo or Turquoise ?An easy upcycle.

Wrought Iron fireplace set

Ford seeder  & Coffee Tin

5 lbs of baking powder?

Collapsible cooler

Non-Collapsible Cooler

Singer sewing Machines

Vintage Hats on unique stands

Front and back to a ‘Shrunk”,  Euro origins

10 x 26 Canopy

Collapsible play pen,  the original pack-n-play!

Corn Shucker

President Dollars,

NRA knife and Coin

uncirculated coins

Sawtooth I.R.  recommends



John Deere 808